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FW CAPSULE 2016 - 2017


Sportswear Special Edition 

The Afffair Sportswear Capsule Collection is the ultimate fusion of fashion and functionality. 
This Special Edition of our celebrated sportswear line is especially designed for men and women who value style and performance. With a flag on the hood and the message ‘Proud to be …’ our sweatshirts communicate the individuals pride and love for his or her own country. These tops have been designed for 45 different Countries. To comprehend all nationalities Afffair designed a sweater that states the meaningful word ‘Blessed’.
This high performance collection exists of sweatshirts, sweatpants, tanktops and skirts in jet black, grey and burgundy. For a feminin touch-our womens collection has been enriched with 3d floral embellishments and a hint of chiffon. 
In the past two years Afffair has proven to be a leader in high performance and innovation in the field of active sportswear. 

3 - Piece Sweatsuit
3 - Pieces Sweatsuit With Slogan Sweatshirt
3 - Pieces Sweatsuit With Slogan Sweatshirt
Message Sweatshirt and Sweatdress
Sweatshirt With Open Back & Sweatpants
Sweatsuit Aspired Tie Waist
Sweatsuit With Chiffon Back
Velvet Message Sweatsuit