Afffair jacket, which adds an artistic touch to the daily look of the business woman with its carpet print, complements the style of those who do not compromise on comfort while adapting to the intense pace of city life with loose-fitting trousers.
The silk bomber style Afffair jacket, which will be the favorite of those who do not compromise on their daily elegance, adds a magnificent artistic touch to their looks with its decorative carpet pattern. The set, completed by comfortable Afffair trousers, points to the balanced distribution of life.
Carpet details on the elegant sleeves of the custom-made enveloped Afffair jacket add a rich and ethnic look to the design.
Reminiscent of a contemporary work of art with its design and patterns, the specially designed black jacket makes you remember your femininity in the new season. The unifying balance of nobility and comfort with what is always wearable is felt in the elegant jacket.