Afffair vintage printed blouse takes on an eye-catching form with its V-neck. With its ethnic artistic effects, the blouse offers a daily elegance for a calm and active woman.
With its mix-and-match collection, Afffair also reveals that it is ready for a warm summer with its designs that do not lose its integrity, with its carpet-printed bustier. The bustier, which fully embraces the body, does not let go of humble with its bold orange color and plain form.
The red carpet patterned blouse can offer elegance to the Afffair woman at any time of the day, whether at elegant events or to create a unique combination with jeans.
Referring to the Afffair woman's struggle to gain an identity in the Spring/Summer months, the vest takes on an interesting face with its ethnic themes. Elegant black Afffair trousers create a unique bridge between vest and suit.
Revealing original and real power, the skirt and the carpet-patterned Afffair blouse form a complete unity in the new collection. The total look will present a glorious sight to summer nights.
The blouse, which is emphasized with the brightness of the bold red, was created for the profile of the leading woman. While Afffair adds a fairy-tale atmosphere to the woman's style, it completes the set with a shining world and poetry. The skirt, which reveals the original and real power, forms a complete integrity with the suit in the new collection.
Adding a poetic atmosphere to its attractive collections, Afffair refers to the 70s in its carpet-patterned bustiers. A refined sensual atmosphere is felt in the bustier, where black, earth and cinnamon colors are integrated.